Investigating coping and stigma in people living with HIV through narrative medicine in the Italian multicentre non-interventional study DIAMANTE – Scientific Reports

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Among the 243 patients enrolled in the DIAMANTE study, 114 (47%) completed both V1 and V4 narratives. Eighty-five percent were male; patients have been living with HIV for 2.66 years ± 2.75 on average. Table 1 summarises participants’ sociodemographic and anamnestic data. Table 1 Sociodemographic and anamnestic data of participants. Patients chose their current reference centre based on … Read more

We Need More Precision When Discussing Mental Health Stigma

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I am grateful for the anonymous peer-reviewer of one of my manuscripts several years ago, who provided a critique of my own imprecision in discussing mental health stigma; their comment inspired further thinking about this topic on my part. Across my psychology classes, students love to bring up the topic of mental health stigma. And … Read more

Mental Health Stigma Remains a Detriment for Job Applicants

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Source: Redd F / Unsplash For people with mental health conditions, how much self-disclosure is too much? A report released in 2006 considered the discussion of one’s mental health issues in a graduate school application to be the “kiss of death.” Disclosing personal mental health issues may allude to emotional instability or evidence of an … Read more