Editorial: More school mental health counselors a good start. This should be next.

Seanna and Tom story from June: COLUMBIA — Students’ access to mental health counseling in South Carolina schools has improved significantly in the last year, but much work remains to address the ongoing youth crisis, according to this week’s update to Gov. Henry McMaster.  The number of mental health counselors in schools rose by 66%, to … Read more

New court to treat people with serious mental illness gets slow start in San Diego and across the state

San Diego Superior Court Judge Kimberlee Lagotta

CARE Court has been in session for almost two weeks now, and it’s getting off to a very slow start. The program — created with last year’s passage of the Community Assistance, Recover and Empowerment Act, or CARE Act — began Oct. 2 and gives San Diego County families and a host of others the … Read more