New York City to boost clubhouse services as better mental health treatment

PHOTO: FILE - New York City Mayor Eric Adams tours a Fountain House mental health clubhouse. Monday, July 18, 2022.

Clubhouses have been a mental health service that a New York City official said was right “under our noses” for over 75 years. The model invites people with depression and other mental health conditions into a temporary home where they are surrounded by peers and counselors and given resources for their conditions as well as … Read more

6 iPhone, Apple Watch Features That Can Help Boost Your Mental Health

Man looking at smartwatch

Share on PinterestFrom monitoring your sleep patterns to depression and anxiety assessments, Apple devices can help you monitor and prioritize your mental health with several features. fizkes/Getty Images Apple has a number of features available various devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) that help help monitor and improve your mental health. These include a range of … Read more

Can living near parks and lakes boost your mental health? A 10-year study says yes

Study: Ambient greenness, access to local green spaces, and subsequent mental health: a 10-year longitudinal dynamic panel study of 2·3 million adults in Wales. Image Credit: Dmitrijs Bindemanis / Shutterstock

In a recent study published in the journal Planetary Health, research conducted a massive, long-term, population-scale study comprising 2.3 million individuals from Wales to elucidate whether greater exposure to green and blue spaces (GBS) could be linked with mental health outcomes. Results from this 10-year-long longitudinal dynamic panel study revealed that greater exposure was associated … Read more

WVU Medicine fundraiser looks to boost Mid-Ohio Valley child care

WVU Medicine fundraiser looks to boost Mid-Ohio Valley child care

Kaiden Rorrer receives care as an infant. (Photo Provided) The Rorrer family of Beverly will be recognized at the WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital Mid-Ohio Valley Gala at 6 p.m. Saturday at the Grand Pointe Conference and Reception Center in Vienna. From left, Jordan Rorrer, son Kaiden Rorrer and Kayla Rorrer. (Photo … Read more