Fantastic Four Slots Review

Fantastic Four slots are the most famous and interesting Marvel super hero games. Probably, this is because of the Fantastic Four super hero group. The experts of the Fantastic that includes a scientific genius Mr. Fantastic, his wife, the Invisible women and the Human torch. They obtained super powers because of exposure of the cosmic rays throughout a scientific mission for outer space. The slot game villain is Dr. Doom. All the five characters of Fantastic Four Team represented on the rolls like wild symbols. The symbol of the scatter becomes the Fantastic Four logo. Another symbol associated with Fantastic Four story that includes the Fantastic Four headquarters, the chemical task, the vehicle and the DNA. The high range cards from the nine to ace make-up the remaining symbols.

The wild symbols display the animation, which fits along with special superpowers. Mr. Fantastic extends his body to amazing lengths. The invisible women make the powerful force field as well as rotate her invisible. The human torches light him along with flames as well as begin flying. The Thing stomps along with super human strength. The symbol of the scatter rotates while provides bonus games or payouts.

The Fantastic Four Slots become a 25 pay line slot game. The gamers choose the number of pay lines as well as the coin size. They should wager along with one coin for one pay line. All of the five characters are the wild symbols. However, each of them visible only on their selected rolls. If all of the five appears concurrently in an energetic pay line the biggest fixed jack pot for 5000 coins become hit. If two or three scatter symbols visible on the rolls, then the scatter payout provides for you. When more than three scatter symbol activates the bonus feature, which is also known as Fantastic Four Feature.

The gamer provide an opportunity from five unique free spin games, in the extra feature. Every game associated along with one of the features. Mr. Fantastic provides the 1.5 free spins at doubled costs. If he visible on Roll 1 throughout the free spins, then all symbols on that roll are wild symbols. The invisible women provide 10 free spins at the tripled costs. If she visible on Roll 2 an extra free spin granted. The Human torch provides 10 free spins at the tripled costs. During the free rolls, the Human torch appears on any one of the rolls and acts like a wild symbol. It provides 15 free rolls at a multiplier, which varies between 2-x and 10-x. Dr. Doom provides an astonishing free rolls game at the tripled costs. The free rolls continue until Dr. Doom visible on the Reel 5 throughout the free rolls. Therefore, the Fantastic Four Feature can never be retrigger.

The Fantastic Four Slots provide the 3 layer Marvel progressive jackpots that consist of Super hero, Marvel hero and Hero Jackpots. This Jackpot becomes hit randomly exclusive of having any symbols visible on the pay lines. The Gamers, who wager higher amounts, stand a superior opportunity for hitting the jackpot.