Cornell Alumnus on a Lifesaving Mission: Bringing Health Care to Rural Ghana, One Mobile Clinic at a Time

When Osei Boateng ’18 MHA ’20, a native to a small village in southern Ghana, witnessed the tragic loss of loved ones due to preventable diseases during his childhood, he made a vow to improve the health care system in the country. Now, he is on a mission to deliver essential health care to rural Ghanaians through a pioneering mobile health clinic.

“My grandmother and aunt died because of inefficiencies in the health care system,” Boateng said. “At that very young age, I knew that I wanted to do something to really improve the health care situation in Ghana.” 

As the full-time executive director for his nonprofit, OKB Hope Foundation, Boateng has turned his childhood promise to a reality. Starting his mission as an undergraduate at Cornell, he has aided thousands of Ghanaians by providing preventative screenings, vital mental health support and essential medication to rural communities where access to health care remains a significant challenge.

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