Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 8:30pm - McPhetres Hall

Je Ju
(Austin, TX)

Je Ju (pronounced Jay Jew) explores the depths to which people care and about those—people, things, and ideas—that they care about. This recently married real-life improviser couple Jeanette and Justin Bozied try to find delight in every scene, but never shy away from entering dark territory, emotionally-charged situations, or heady themes.


Cogs & Goggles
(Juneau, AK)

Join the adventures of the crew of the Airship Victoria as they travel through time and space! Can they survive their enemies? Perhaps... but first they have to survive each other.

Cogs & Goggles is an improvised Steampunk action/adventure serial that has featured locally and been curated for Improvaganza! The Hawaii Festival of Improv.

(Anchorage, AK)

Come and see the magnificent WENDL! (from left, Sonya Senkowsky, Dave Souza, Jana Lage) perform great feats, never before seen on stage. Could it be... magic? This improv trio from Anchorage is certainly not playing with a full deck.

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