Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 6:15pm - McPhetres Hall

Drum Machine
(Minneapolis, MN)

Drum Machine is Jill Bernard's one-person unscripted historical muscial featuring multiple characters in scenes, monologues and songs.

"Bernard’s show is anything but mechanical, incorporating details of a single audience member’s life into an organic tapestry that combines rich characters, warm humor, historical elements and music, with the titular contraption providing the beats. The results are as quirky as Bernard herself." - Stage Directions Magazine


Improv from All Over
(United States)

Two years ago, the Alaska State Improv Festival brought in performers from all around the world for one night only. It was fun, so we're doing it again!

Directed by Yichao (Pint of Life), this year's cast includes a great roster of performers from coast-to-coast. Come see David Lampe (Austin, TX), Pepper Berry (Hollywood, CA), Kelly Chambers (Los Angeles, CA), Denny Atkin (Seattle, WA), and Sky Boggs (Seattle, WA) use their groupmind and Yichao's direction to create a wondrous one-time only show for you.

Helmet Thieves
(Austin, TX & Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Why does a sweet grandmother rob a bank? Why did that adorable child burn your car? Why would a friendly family steal a helmet? Kevin Miller is from Texas. Kiki Hohnen is from Amsterdam. Together they are HELMET THIEVES, a real-life couple who explore why good people do bad things… and why absolutely delightful people do incredibly terrible things.

Come tell Kevin and Kiki what you have done wrong. They’ll improvise a story that shows why it’s not actually your fault.

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