This Year's Shows

Each set of the Alaska State Improv Festival is curated to be different from every other set. This means you won't just see a set of improv shows, it means that if you go to two sets you will have drastically different experiences at each one.

This year's festival includes great diversity - musical works, alternative history, television spinoffs, drama, fairy tales, Shakepeare, physical theater, and more. Each set has something different to grab the imagination.

$60 All-Session Pass
$15 Single Session Tickets

Thursday Night

Opening night starts off with a bang, as festival producer Eric Caldwell and master artist Jill Bernard taking the stage together in The HUGE Money Show. The early set is headlined by PUMPS, an all-woman group formed at iOWest in Los Angeles who have been seen at festivals nationwide. The late set is headlined by Austin, TX duo Je Ju - a recently married couple who tap into relationship dynamics for the source of their comedy.

Other shows include the return of festival favorites, MA'AM (Austin, TX), the steampunk stylings of Cogs & Goggles, and the Anchorage trio WENDL!

Friday Night

World-traveler Jill Bernard headlines the early set with her one-woman historical musical, Drum Machine. The 8:30 set features Landry & Summers, who have been creating comedy together since 1986. In the 10:45 set, our headliners are Extreme Improv from the United Kingdom, bringing fast-paced theater games to the stage.

Friday night's shows also feature television mashups, a daughter trying to reconnect with her retired punk rock dad through the power of music, meme-inspired improv, stories of the Yukon gold rush, and more!

Saturday Night

The Well Made Play (Austin, TX) headlines the early set with a full-length, two-act improvised play that will leave you saying, "But that part was scripted, right?" The 8:30 set features Schrampflin Falls, a story of small-town America as told by Seattle's Unexpected Productions. Saturday's early sets also include improvised Shakespeare, a 50s-style psychological horror with an international cast, and improvised physical comedy.

The late set is a musical extravaganza, featuring the looping skills of Zach and Kayla, the role-playing game stylings of Critical Flail, and FLaKe - the story of a fading musical theater diva.

Sunday Night

Drum Machine, the one-woman historical musical, makes an encore performance to close out the early show. The late set features the return of Pint of Life, where Los Angeles-based performer Yichao shares the stage (and a pint of Coppa ice cream) with an audience member.

Sunday night also includes Improv from All Over - a collection of performers from across the United States, an international duo, an all-woman ensemble from Atlanta, and the AS IF Open - which is open to any festival performer.

The festival closes with the return of the Ice Cream Sunday party, where a custom Coppa creation - based on an audience suggestion - is served to the audience and performers alike.

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