Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 8:30pm - McPhetres Hall

Schrampflin Falls
(Seattle, WA)

Spend a night with the eccentric and lovable residents of Schrampflin Falls, a fictional small town in Washington. Inspired by the documentaries of Errol Morris (with sprinkles of The Simpsons and Christopher Guest films), Schrampflin Falls uses the audience’s suggestions to bring the scandalous secrets of the town and its residents to life.

Each show also uses real police log clippings (picked at random by the audience) from small town newspapers all over the US to inspire the plot of Schrampflin Falls. You may not want to move here but you'll love seeing the town's quirky residents.


But of Mind...
(United States/Canada)

But of Mind... tells stories reminiscent of classic 1950s psychological horror shows, such as The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

Following a successful debut at the 2018 Alaska State Improv Festival and an appearance at Seattle's 2019 Improv Festival of Applied and Rejected Theater (IFART), But of Mind... returns to Juneau with a new all-star cast that includes Michael Robinson (Vancouver, BC), Chuy Zarate (Austin, TX), Amalia Larson (Seattle, WA), Peter Rogers (Austin, TX), and Eric Caldwell (Juneau, AK).

"I really felt respected, as an audience member." Connor McNassar (Bunker 13, Seattle, WA)

Tobin Tales
(New York, NY)

Using a title cobbled together from audience suggestions, Tobin weaves a fully improvised story in the style of the classic dark fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen. He inhabits all the characters, narrates all the text, and patches it all up in the end*. It’s a tightrope walk through a land of talking animals, orphaned children, twisting forest trails, witches, giants, and terrible curses. The themes are old, but the stories are brand new.

*Warning: Not all stories end happily ever after.


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