Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 6:15pm - McPhetres Hall

The Well-Made Play
(Austin, TX)

The Well-Made Play is patient and confident. It takes its time building up its tension, building up your emotional investment, and when it finally cuts loose, you’re right on the edge of your seat. You’re a giddy voyeur on the day when everything counts, and after which nothing can be the same.

The Well-Made Play is a fully improvised, full-length two-act play that takes its cues from traditional theater. Every move from both the cast and technical improvisers feels intentional and scripted. We're confident that you've never seen a show quite like this one!


Circo De Nada
(Denver, CO)

Circo de Nada (performed by Nick Trotter) is surreal and proceeds from silence and stillness. Nick uses his extensive training in Clown, Bouffon, puppetry, and a contemporary spin on Commedia dell'Arte to create an evocative, imaginative world based in physicality and poetry. The so-called Fourth Wall is joyfully ignored. The point of all this is to realize the great gift that is theatre, which is why we all gather, in this room, right now, together. Circo de Nada challenges the audience to experience something viscerally, as well as something entertaining.

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