Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 10:45pm - Hangar Ballroom (21+)

(Los Angeles, CA)

Show-stopping musical numbers! The men she loved and the drugs she took! The faithful piano player who has been with her the whole time! All based on audience suggestions with a piano player she just met before the show!

Mixing Improvisation with the classic One Person Musical "Life Biography" Shaun Landry takes the audience on a ride where they wonder exactly how much of this is fake...or how much is real from Shaun's real life.


Zach & Kayla
(Seattle, WA)

Zach & Kayla will tickle your ears with whimsical looped vocals and boxed beats followed by a collection of improvised scenes. You may find yourself muttering "oh, jeez..." or "THESE two..." as they whisk you away to meet various people and places.

Using a single suggestion, Zach will create groovy beats and sounds on his loop pedal that will influence the improvised scenes to follow. Their style is character-based, grounded scene work with a fun musical element.

(Cities Beginning with 'A')

Watch an all-star team of festival performers from Anchorage, Amsterdam, Austin, and Aylesbury come together to create INSPIROBOTICS! Through the use of a random "inspirational" meme generator, our performers will perform scenes inspired by the most artificial of intelligences.

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