April 27 - May 1, 2017

McPhetres Hall and

Hangar Ballroom

Juneau, Alaska

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About Juneau - Home of AS IF!

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Juneau is a maritime community of 30,000 located alongside the Alexander Archepelago and surrounded by the Tongass National Forest, the Coast Range, and the Juneau Icefield. The city is located in Alaska's Southeast Panhandle, and shares its latitude with Scotland and Newfoundland. Natural beauty abounds, and performers have the option of additional flightseeing and water tours during their visit.


The city is notable for having one of the strongest arts scenes, per capita, in the United States. In addition to the nationally renowned Perseverance Theatre, Juneau is home to Alaska Folk Festival, Juneau Jazz and Classics Festival, Theatre in the Rough, Juneau-Douglas Little Theatre, three public radio stations, two opera companies, and a slate of filmmakers, storytellers, painters, photographers, and multi-media artists.


In addition to its artistic heritage, Juneau is surrounded by gold rush history. Juneau was founded in 1880, shortly after Chief Kowee led prospecters Joe Juneau and Richard Harris to a gold strike shortly outside what is today the heart of downtown Juneau. For those excited by history, the Juneau City Museum and Last Chance Mining Museum provide a close-up look at this history. Local Northwest Native history and art are on display at the Walter J. Sobeloff Center, home of the Sealaska Heritage Institute.


Juneau is a charming, beautiful, and welcoming place for the visiting artist. AS IF! looks forward to introducing you to the wonders of the festival's host community.


Our Town: Juneau, Alaska

Juneau maintains a small town feel, while featuring a vibrant artistic community, rich history, and world-class scenery.

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Our Improv: Since 2004

When a town of 30,000 hosts a festival like this, there has to be a story. Learn a little about our story and our improv.

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About Your Hosts

The AS IF! team is made up of people well versed in community theater with experience in hosting talent from outside Alaska.

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