April 27 - May 1, 2017

McPhetres Hall and

Hangar Ballroom

Juneau, Alaska

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Our Story - The History Leading to AS IF!


The story of improv in Juneau is not unlike the story behind many others - with a ragtag cast and a pun for a name. Thus it was that Morally Improv-erished entered Juneau's theater scene in January 2004 with a stand-up, a sketch artist, a guy who did a little improv in Colorado, a drama club player just out of high school, and someone who recently won the Dirty Song Contest at the Boardwalk Boogie in Pelican, AK.


Operating in the wilds of Alaska, Morally Improv-erished had relatively little outside influence. They would read about short formats being done elsewhere and would have to interpret from text how they would work in a live show. The group's exposure to different ways of doing improv increased as its producer started visiting festivals and interacting with improvisors around the world on the YesAnd! forums. Morally Improv-erished then welcomed Jill Bernard (Minneapolis, MN) to Juneau, receiving intensive instruction and hosting her one-woman show Drum Machine.


After this incredible start, Morally Improv-erished experienced a gradual churn as new members entered into the group and original members pursued other interests or left the city. Despite the turnover, this was a period of great experimentation. In addition to its traditional shortform shows, they began to expand into montage work and solo improv; however, the frequency of shows continued to decline as its cast became involved with projects through Perseverance Theatre, Juneau-Douglas Little Theatre, and KitschyYumYum Burlesque Company.


Late in 2009 two of the original members of Morally Improv-erished, Eric Caldwell and M.D. Christenson, decided improv had taken enough of a break and that it was time for a fresh start. A new cast was brought into the fold, trained up, and Morally Improv-erished reentered the local theater lexicon in March 2010.


Since its revival, Morally Improv-erished has aggressively pushed for greater range and artistry in its work. Asaf Ronen (Austin, TX), Michael Robinson (Vancouver, BC), and Shaun Landry (Los Angeles, CA) were brought in to lead intensive workshops and guest performances. Their show, "An Improbable Act" became the first Alaskan improv show to be performed Outside when it was invited to Improvaganza! 2011 in Hawaii.



Today, Morally Improv-erished continues to push the boundaries of improvisational theater. Its Dada-inspired duo, Rorschach Pattern 9, has been invited to perform at Improvaganza! in Honolulu, as a guest of Scared Scriptless in Anchorage, at the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater at the San Diego Improv Festival, and twice at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas.


Its latest creation, Cogs & Goggles: A Steampunk Adventure, is the third of the company's shows to perform at Improvaganza! and its crew are looking forward to extending its travels.






Our Town: Juneau, Alaska

Juneau maintains a small town feel, while featuring a vibrant artistic community, rich history, and world-class scenery.

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Our Improv: Since 2004

When a town of 30,000 hosts a festival like this, there has to be a story. Learn a little about our story and our improv.

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About Your Hosts

The AS IF! team is made up of people well versed in community theater with experience in hosting talent from outside Alaska.

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