April 27 - May 1, 2017

McPhetres Hall and

Hangar Ballroom

Juneau, Alaska

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The Alaska State Improv Festival depends strongly upon volunteer efforts and contributions. Your 100% tax-deductible gift will help AS IF! be a memorable event for audience and artists alike.


Meet the AS IF! Production Team


The AS IF! team has been responsible for producing over a decade's worth of improv in Alaska's capital city, including guest visits by Jill Bernard, Michael Robinson, Shaun Landry, and Asaf Ronen - some of improv's most sought after instructors and performers. This tradition has continued at the Alaska State Improv Festival with master artists Andy Eninger, the head of the writing program at The Second City - Chicago; Amber Nash, the voice of Pam Poovey on Archer; Susan Messing, the legendary Chicago-based teacher and performer; Stacey Hallal, founder of Portland's Curious Comedy Theater; Mike Descoteaux, creator of the musical program at The Second City - Chicago; and the cast of Parallellogramophonograph, Austin's globetrotting masters of narrative-style improv.


The production team is actively working to provide AS IF! performers a great experience in Alaska, both on- and off-stage, and its audience with a great line-up featuring a variety of high-quality improv theater.


Eric Caldwell - Producer

Eric has served as producer and director for Morally Improv-erished since its initial performance in 2004, including An Improbable Act and Rorschach Pattern 9, the first Alaska-based shows to tour at Outside festivals [Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (Austin, TX), Improvaganza! (Honolulu, HI), Seattle Festival of Improv Theater].

In addition to improv, Eric has served as president of Juneau-Douglas Little Theatre, where he was also the inaugural producer of the Juneau Playwright Project and 24 Hour Miracle, Juneau's one-day play festival.

Eric is a 1996 graduate of the Coker College theater program.


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M.D. Christenson - Co-Producer

M.D. has been highly visible in Juneau's arts scene as an improvisor, filmmaker, producer, slam poet, theater critic, mayoral candidate, and burlesque performer.

M.D. is an original member of Morally Improv-erished and is the only person to have performed in and written the opening page for multiple performances of "An Improbable Act." Along with Eric, M.D. is the other half of Rorschach Pattern 9.

In addition to his work as a performer, M.D. is also on a board member of Morally Improv-erished, Inc. and retired board member of Woosh Kinaadeiyi Poetry Slam.


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Juneau maintains a small town feel, while featuring a vibrant artistic community, rich history, and world-class scenery.

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The AS IF! team is made up of people well versed in community theater with experience in hosting talent from outside Alaska.

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