Friday, April 26, 2019 - 8:30pm - McPhetres Hall

Landry & Summers
(Los Angeles, CA)

Shaun Landry and Hans Summers are the comedy duo Landry & Summers. They are both skilled improvisers, working together creating improvisational and sketch comedy since 1986.

Shaun Landry is a Second City Chicago Touring Company Alumnus, the founder (and Emeritus) of the San Francisco Improv Festival, and is currently a core teacher at The Pack Theater in Los Angeles.  She has been featured as Gwenn Craig in the Academy Award Winning Movie Milk and as Marcia in the movie Read You Like A Book with Danny Glover. Hans Summers is a graduate of the Second City Training Center and was part of The Second City Children's Theater. They are both co-founding members of the original African-American sketch comedy ensemble Oui Be Negroes.

Landry & Summers performs regularly as the hosts of The Seniors, a venue for improv acts featuring Over 50 improvisors.


Echo Lake
(Austin, TX)

Echo Lake takes agreement and joining to an impossible level, heightening a single shared viewpoint to absurdity, then organically morphing forward. Echo Lake features four women from Austin, Texas who have each individually been performing for at least a decade. Valerie Ward, Courtney Hopkin, Cortnie Jones, and Lisa Jackson came together over their love of positive, affirming improv and because of that, they perform as a unit.

"The best improv troupe in Austin." -- Dave Buckman, ColdTowne Theater

Gold Rush Stories
(Juneau, AK and Vancouver, BC)

Several years ago, over lunch at the Thane Ore House, festival producer Eric Caldwell and veteran improvisor Michael Robinson got to talking about gold rush history. After Caldwell brought up the Klondike Trail, Robinson excitedly exclaimed, "YOU'VE got a Klondike? WE'VE got a Klondike!"

Although being raised in different countries, Caldwell's upbringing in Southeast Alaska and Robinson's Western Canadian heritage led to a shared culture. This culture is now manifest in Gold Rush Stories - improvised ghost stories and tall tales of the land that straddles our shared border.



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