Friday, April 26, 2019 - 10:45pm - Hangar Ballroom (21+)

Extreme Improv
(Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom)

Extreme Improv is a fast paced competitive improvised comedy show from the United Kingdom. Their show takes traditional short form improvised theater and pushes its limits with extreme twists and innovations making it the most challenging and ridiculous improv show on the planet!

When you see Extreme Improv in action you get a incredibly funny, hugely audience interactive show which gives the audience a unique and hilarious comedy experience!


(Austin, TX)

Re-Connections is a musical improv show that is about familial relationships... with an edge.

A little "character building" daughter-daddy time and very meta interactions lead to punk songs. Let the healing begin.

Critical Flail
(Juneau, AK)

Join Seth, the Dungeon Master, and his intrepid band of player characters as they face off against a horde of NPCs in an epic showdown!

Critical Flail combines tabletop role playing games and improvisational comedy in a way you have never seen before. Watch the swords, axes, and arrows of Critical Flail hit your funny bone with every roll of the oversized D20.

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