April 27 - May 1, 2017

McPhetres Hall and

Hangar Ballroom

Juneau, Alaska

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The Alaska State Improv Festival depends strongly upon volunteer efforts and contributions. Your 100% tax-deductible gift will help AS IF! be a memorable event for audience and artists alike.

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This year's Alaska State Improv Festival is the largest ever, with 24 ensembles from 14 cities plus three independent groups composed of performers from all over the world.. Nearly 100 performers are involved in the fifth annual Alaska State Improv Festival!


All Session Passes are $60 and available HERE! Only 25 All Session Passes will be sold..



Tickets are online, at Hearthside Books, and the JACC for McPhetres Hall & Hangar Ballroom shows.


Click on the group's name to purchase tickets. Scroll down for group descriptions.


Date 6:30pm McPhetres* 8:30pm McPhetres* 10:30pm Hangar Ballroom (21+)
Thursday Urban Yeti Zach & Zeke  
April 27 Leegion 2H Club  
  Liss N Sams Improvised Hip Hopera  
Friday Wilbur Wilbur Nealbur Rufio Mr. Rogers After Dark
April 28 Virginia Slims Brown/Ronny History Under the Influence
  Jonestroch 808 Sickest F'***ing Stories
Saturday Green Eggs & Cunningham Cogs & Goggles Scared Scriptless
April 29 Mr. Snake Physics Curse Hip Hop North/South Throwdown
  Liss N Sams Pint of Life (808 & Hip Hopera)
Sunday Secret Bagel Chocolate Renaissance  
April 30 Gazpacho! Gazpacho! Magical Lying Hour  
  Jonestroch Pint of Life  
Monday Improv from All Over* Fancy Pants Mashup*  
May 1      

*All Monday, May 1 shows are at the Hangar Ballroom and are all ages shows

Thursday / Sunday / Monday tickets are $13 advance / $15 door

Friday / Saturday tickets are $17 advance / $20 door

Schedules may change without notice due to performer availability.



2H Club (Houston, TX)

Like an old friend or a trusty bartender 2H Club knows what you need, and what you need is a old-fashioned Harold, served with a smile. With training from all over the country the members of 2H Club bring a diverse set of skills and humors to the table to balance you right and show you a fine time.


808 (Los Angeles, CA)

808 is an LA based Long Form Hip Hop Improv Group!

You make up an album title, 808 uses your title to inspire a one time only show you'll never forget! 




Brown Ronny (New York, NY)

Miriam/Webster defines Brown as a color produced by mixing red, yellow, and black. In Scandinavian, the meaning of the name Ronny is "Rules with counsel". Together, they become a red Scandinavian mixed with yellow rules and black counsel.

Not sure what to make of it? Then let New York City's hottest improv duo explain it to you. Live. On stage. In person.


Chocolate Renaissance Theater (Anchorage, AK)

Chocolate Renaissance Theater is an artists' collective of entertainers from different backgrounds coming together to perform the art of improv.



Cogs & Goggles (Juneau, AK)

Join the adventures of the Airship Victoria and her intrepid crew: Dock Hayward, the tinkerer; Colonel Tanner, the government man; and The Rest (with apologies to Gilligan's Island).

Cogs & Goggles is an improvised Steampunk adventure that has appeared at Improvaganza! The Hawaii Festival of Improv Theater.


Fancy Pants Mashup (EVERYWHERE)

Performers from the festival get all gussied up in their best duds for the Fancy Pants Mashup!

These well-coiffed performers will perform in twos to demonstrate the magic that occurs when people from all over are called to play together at random.

And they look MARVELOUS!



Gazpaco! Gazpacho! (Portland, OR)

Gazpacho! Gazpacho! is an eclectic, eccentric duo out of Portland, OR. Bill McKinley and Bryan Fernando have over 20 years of improv experience between them, and their unique sensibilities blend together into whimsical formats of their own creation.

Gazpacho! Gazpacho! brought their warped version of history to AS IF in 2015. What will they bring this year?


Green Eggs & Cunningham (Portland, OR)

Green Eggs and Cunningham are Betse Green and Erin Cunningham. Combined, they have 35 years of improv experience, and "ridiculous fun" is what they have every time they hit the stage. They have the great fortune to improvise with each other as this duo and in groups around Portland.

Green Eggs and Cunningham explore multiple characters and the linkages between them--in time, in location, and in relationship to each other. They squeeze an audience suggestion for every improv ounce its worth in this well-oiled collaboration.



History Under the Influence (Austin, TX)

Inspired by the popular series Drunk History, a group of sober improvisers try to keep up with an extremely drunk narrator in "History Under the Influence.” Kevin spends the hour before the show getting hammered, then stumbles onstage and asks the audience for a historical event they’d like to see re-enacted. The result is wacky, hilarious, and occasionally accurate.


Improv from ALL OVER

.Veteran improvisors from all over are assigned a coach and spend the festival weekend with their new troupes getting ready for their Monday night spotlight.

What style are they rehearsing? What can the audience expect? Only the coaches and performers know... that is, until showtime!

Improv from All Over is sponsored by our friends at The Improv Network!



An Improvised Hip Hopera (Seattle, WA)

An Improvised Hip-Hopera is a musical improv show using freestyle rap and hip hop to tell a hilarious long-form narrative. Using suggestions from the audience, these talented improvisers create a gritty, tragic, and hilarious "fall from grace" story with a good mix of villains, crime, betrayal, love, sex, laughter and lots of fun.

Originally premiering in March 2014, this entire show is 100% improvised, including the musical scoring, beats, dance numbers, plot, characters, and of course, the rapping and singing. Even the costumes are improvised, as each actor shows up donned in some sort of costume to either contrast or compliment their on-stage characters.


Jonestroch (Austin, TX)

Michael Jastroch (The Frank Mills, Victrola! Podcast, co-founder of ColdTowne Theater) and Cortnie Jones (Stool Pigeon, Oakdale) perform characters better than your Uncle Gene thinks he can. 



Leegion (Edmonton, AB)

From Rapid Fire Theatre comes Leegion, a one man show that combines bright characters, high physicality and vivid story telling to create instantly engaging improv. 

It is a constantly evolving piece that uses every improvisational tool a performer has at their disposal. In it's present form, equal parts relationships, physical theatre, and narration combine to grow simple, heart felt stories that are often sweet, wicked and delightful.


Liss N Sams (San Francisco, CA)

Liss n’ Sams takes the word of the day as a suggestion from the audience. From that word, they create a starter scene and before you know it you are smack in the middle of a fast paced show that does not end till the lights come down. Their connection is electric and their transitions are seamless.

“Liss n’ Sams made me laugh… and I don’t laugh at improv anymore.” – Ron West (Whose Line is it Anyway)



Magical Lying Hour (Houston, TX)

Acting meets improvisation in Magical Lying Hour. Each scene finds a trained actor performing a scene from a published play and an improviser not knowing what they'll do next, as both would do for any other show. Without deviating from the actor's script the two must work together to create a world that satisfies both of them.


Mr. Rogers After Dark (Seattle, WA)

Now that you're an adult, who is left to tell you you're special, and hold your hand as you navigate new experiences and feelings? Mr. Rogers and Lady Aberlin won't let you down. Trouble at work? In your relationship? Downstairs grooming? Mr Rogers, and Lady Aberlin, and the gang from the Neighborhood will make the world a little easier to navigate.




Mr. Snake (Seattle, WA)

Mr. Snake performs the signature format "The Deconstruction". Mr.Snake is comprised of some of Seattle's best improv performers and teachers. Mr. Snake will take your suggestion and create unique characters, scenes resulting in absolute hilarity! Mr. Snake is coming for you...




North/South Hip Hop Throwdown: Improvised Hip Hopera vs 808

A special show just for AS IF!

Two of the best hip hop improv ensembles in the country collaborate for one night only in a show filled with beatboxing, rhyme, and fun.





Physics Curse (Austin, TX)

Based out of Austin, Texas, Physics Curse explores the intricacies of relationships with a fast-paced sometimes absurd improv format. Focused on meaningful character connections and high energy, Physics Curse has amazing chemistry and is not afraid to experiment




Pint of Life (Seattle, WA))

One performer. One pint of ice cream. One audience member. One improvised play.

Pint of Life celebrates the aspirations and achievements of a stranger, and seeks to bring us all a little closer together - over a pint of ice cream.



Rufio (Atlanta, GA)

Rufio is a two person long-form improv troupe from Atlanta, GA. Their show has been described as two people who do so much they seem like ten people. They take this as a compliment.

While they love making an audience laugh, they love even more making an audience feel strong emotions and creating characters that are cared about. They play emotionally and find the intrinsic beauty in the connection between characters and between characters and their environments. They build emotionally charged, important, funny realities.


Scared Scriptless (Anchorage, AK)

Scared Scriptless has been bringing the HA HA to the AK since 2000. Their rapidfire style of short form comedy genius has given them an exceptional reputation throughout Alaska.

“Scared Scriptless are upstaging a–holes. They got way more laughs than we did. Next time we’ll be their opening act.” - Broken Lizard (Creators of Super Troopers)




Secret Bagel (Seattle, WA)

Secret Bagel is a long-form narrative story told by three improvisers who can’t wait to make you laugh. All we need from you is a secret you don’t mind sharing and a location where it all goes down and we’re off.

Whimsy, magical realism, off-beat characters, and as many puns as we can muster – this Bagel has everything.



The Sickest F***ing Stories You Ever Heard (EVERYWHERE)

Back by popular demand, The Sickest F***ing Stories You Ever Heard!

Orginally produced by WNEP Theater in Chicago, The Sickest F***ing Stories You Ever Heard is a live poker game involving several of the festival's performers and their most outlandish personal stories.

Last time out, we heard about a bachelorette party at Ron Jeremy's club. Will any of this year's stories top that? There's only one way to find out!

(21+ for obvious reasons)



Urban Yeti (Anchorage, AK)

Urban Yeti promises a unique and entertaining improv experience as performed by some of the state's greatest talents. Urban Yeti's shows are inspired by an array of randomly selected sources, and relies heavily on audience participation.

Urban Yeti has recently appeared at the Del Close Marathon (New York) and at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (Austin, TX)..


Virginia Slims (Los Angeles, CA)

Virginia Slims is Laura Eichhorn and Pepper Berry, a two person long form improv comedy team that takes a single suggestion from the audience and uses it to perform a one act play at times playing multiple characters within the story. They've been showcasing their comedy around the country since 2012 performing in festivals year round such as the San Diego Improv Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, Twin Cities Improv Festival, Detroit Improv Festival, Dallas Comedy Festival, Miami Improv Festival and the Boston Comedy and Arts Festival to name a few.



Wilbur Wilbur Nealbur (Wakefield, RI)

WilburWilburNealbur formed in 2012: the result of a longstanding obsession with Walter Brennan and David Lynch, a problem encounter with Rupert Holmes’ Escape (The Piña Colada Song ...) and a lost hobbit from Aotearoa-New Zealand who had been looking to dispose of a ring since 2007.

There is no long or short form: there is only Zuul(form).


Zack & Zeke (Sitka, AK)

In the spirit of our soundbite social media society, Zack & Zeke present a fast and furious improvised biography of a famous individual - in 140 characters or less.




"The long and the short of it is that attending ASIF is like summer camp for adults. You make new friends, you experience new highs, you get to see some of the best performers in the world at the height of their game, and you get to experience Juneau, Alaska in a way that you truly will never be able to experience outside of the festival. It’s magical. It’s personal. It’s beautiful. The Alaska State Improv Festival – the best festival I’ve ever attended! There, I said it." Mike Brown, Mike Brown's Solo Improv Extravaganza via The Improv Network


"I just returned from Second City at Centennial Hall; they were good, but I was totally spoiled by the talent from this past weekend. Already looking forward to next year." - Bill Diebels about AS IF 2015


"It’s like getting welcomed, ever so briefly into a little secret art community and have the chance to share your art and learn from theirs and then go home. I’m actually torn now because I would desperately love to submit a show to visit again next year, but I’d almost feel guilty of robbing some other performer a chance to experience such a thing." - Bill Binder, The Improv Network


"It's surprising how quickly a pair of ping pong balls can turn a hand into a face. Performers at the second Alaska State Improv Festival, a gathering focused on "unscripted theater" and hosted by local group Morally Improv-erished, wasted no time transforming those faces into characters with emotions. Fright. Frustration. Excitement. Curiosity." - Mary Catherine Martin, Capital City Weekly


"Watching improv has a gut-churning equivalence to watching a high-wire act at the Grand Canyon, or watching people jumping off cliffs in neon webbed mylar suits like psychedelic (and psychotic) flying squirrels. Improv is amazing." - Clint J. Farr, Juneau Empire


About the Festival


Throughout Alaska, improvisational theater has gradually gained a foothold amongst the throngs of traditional scripted theater companies. Our state has been visited by guest artists from some of North America's most respected improvisational theater companies. Alaskan performers are also appearing in Outside festivals and emigrating into Outside companies.


AS IF! - The Alaska State Improv Festival is a celebration of improvisational theater in its vast spectrum of forms, and an opportunity for Alaska's own actors to perform alongside, meet with, and learn from others outside our own circle. We look forward to seeing you at AS IF! in April 2017.





808 (Los Angeles, CA)

Cogs & Goggles (Juneau, AK)

The Elements (Minneapolis, MN)

Human Propaganda (Seattle, WA)

I Am the Show (San Diego, CA)

The Illuminaughty (Seattle, WA)

Mike Brown's Solo Improv Extravaganza (New York, NY)

Parallelogramophonograph (Austin, TX)

Peachy Chicken (Portland, OR)

Pop Pop In the Attic (Juneau, AK)

The Right Now (San Francisco, CA)

Rollin' In Riches (Santa Monica, CA)

Rorschach Pattern 9 (Juneau, AK)

Scared Scriptless (Anchorage, AK)

Seriously Obnoxious (Juneau, AK)

Squirrel Buddies (Austin, TX)

Stag (Chicago, IL)

Urban Yeti (Anchorage, AK)

Wilbur Wilbur Nealbur (Wakefield, RI)

Winter Formal (Chicago, IL)



1 Deep (New York, NY)

Franz and Dave (Austin, TX)

Gazpacho! Gazpacho! (Portland, OR)

The Gentleman's Falcon (Chicago, IL)

History Under the Influence (Austin, TX)

Iditaprov (Talkeetna, AK)

The Illuminaughty (Seattle, WA)

ImprovBoston All Stars (Boston, MA)

Joyride (Portland, OR)

Manacle (Juneau, AK)

Morally Improv-erished (Juneau, AK)

My Best Fiend (Austin, TX)

Pistil and Stamen (Chicago, IL)

Rorschach Pattern 9 (Juneau, AK)

Sid (Sitka, AK)

Tall Grande Venti (San Francisco, CA / Seattle, WA)

Urban Yeti (Anchorage, AK)



Big Ol' Show (Atlanta, GA)

The Black Vault (Austin, TX)

Callin' All Mockeries (Juneau, AK)

Carskee (Seattle, WA)

Galapagos (Phoenix, AZ)

Indigo Shift (Austin, TX)

The LA Frontier (Los Angeles, CA)

Messing with a Friend (Chicago, IL)

Mike Brown's Solo Improv Extravaganza (New York, NY)

Morally Improv-erished (Juneau, AK)

Pawn Takes Queen (Cedar City, UT)

Rorschach Pattern 9 (Juneau, AK)

Scared Scriptless (Anchorage, AK)

Strange Worlds (Austin, TX)

Underhanded Improv (Chicago, IL)



Call of the Wild (Boston, MA)

Cat Pack (Seattle, WA)

Little Man (Chicago, IL)

Mike Brown's Solo Improv Extravaganza (New York, NY)

Morally Improv-erished (Juneau, AK - no recorded footage)

Not Safe for Improv (Juneau, AK)

Pinque Pony (Chicago, IL)

Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger (Los Angeles, CA)

Rorschach Pattern 9 (Juneau, AK)

Scared Scriptless (Anchorage, AK)

Squirrel Buddies (Austin, TX)

Sybil (Chicago, IL)



Our Town: Juneau, Alaska

Juneau maintains a small town feel, while featuring a vibrant artistic community, rich history, and world-class scenery.

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When a town of 30,000 hosts a festival like this, there has to be a story. Learn a little about our story and our improv.

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The AS IF! team is made up of people well versed in community theater with experience in hosting talent from outside Alaska.

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